Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate (LRE®) welcomes Luxury Homes of Tennessee as the newest addition to the global LRE® network, representing Nashville, Tennessee USA. 

In 2019 Aaron Kirchner identified the need for a discreet and professional real estate agency in the Nashville market. Luxury Homes of Tennessee was created to meet that need, a locally owned full-service real estate firm working across the state of Tennessee and headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. With years of experience helping Tennessean buyers and sellers, they have gained the expertise to negotiate the best deals for their clients. Luxury Homes of Tennessee believes it is their responsibility to provide the highest level of service, counsel, and fiduciary commitment to their…

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Calque, the leader in enabling traditional lenders to offer buy-before-you-sell programs, has launched The Trade-In Mortgage™ with Blok, a real estate agent services platform designed to enhance end-to-end services for their real estate partners. Together, Calque and Blok will offer an innovative approach to mortgage lending for homebuyers across the state of Tennessee, including Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville.

Calque, launched in 2021, empowers homeowners to use the equity in their current home to buy their next home with The Trade-In Mortgage. Unlike other buy-first mortgage lending solutions, homeowners can work with Blok-affiliated real estate professionals at Luxury Homes of Tennessee and Lufe Tennessee, to buy their new home using…

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If you’re still getting to grips with the rapidly advancing tech connected to the virtual world, don’t lose sleep over it. But set time aside to learn how it will impact the real estate industry, so you can talk to your clients about it. 

Everybody’s been talking about the “metaverse” since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta with a plan to become a major player in the virtual world. However, there is not only one metaverse. There are dozens. In the US alone, Meta (Facebook), Roblox, Fortnite and Microsoft are dominating the race to lead the field. Why? Because that way they’ll control how you interact with other people. By 2030, more people are expected to hang out in the metaverse than in “real life”.

So what does it mean for you?

The metaverse…

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Wealthy cryptocurrency holders looking to diversify into hard assets are trading wallet-to-wallet to grow their real estate portfolios. That’s if they’re not using crypto profits to buy homes. Ryan Serhant, the celebrity real estate broker, told Yahoo! Finance that he expects half of future home deals to be completed this way.

Sound like Greek to you? If you want to increase your success as a real estate agent trading virtual land in virtual worlds, you need to get familiar with the ins and outs of crypto.

7 blockchain benefits

  1. Contracts are recorded on the blockchain and “signed” as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In 2021, titles to some homes were registered on the blockchain and sold as NFTs.
  2. NFTS can be more easily traded, sold, and…

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In December 2021, virtual real estate developer Republic Realm paid a record-setting US$4.3 million for acreage in Sandbox. In the world of cryptocurrencies – also known as digital money like Bitcoin or Ethereum – investors can buy virtual homes with virtual cash. Cryptocurrencies are also used to buy and sell products, invest, and grow wealth by trading or exchanging over the internet. Trading property with digital money benefits buyers and sellers alike.

The importance of blockchain

Blockchain is the tech that safely stores information about cryptocurrencies and trades in chronological order. That ensures there is a record of exactly what is traded when and by whom, because numbers are assigned to each user of the blockchain. This disclosure of…

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